Our Chef

Tasty flavors of the island in each one of their dishes.

Many group of guests love to cook together as family, nevertheless the villa has an exceptional cook with more than 30 years of experience. 

Her cuisine is very diverse, even though she has a unique talent for seafood menus, her most recommended dishes are…

seafood casserole, coconut king prawns and fried fish with bread fruit.

In addition to this list, her pastas, lasagnas, bbq, grilled beef or chicken with salad and the typical Colombian food like ajiaco and sancocho stand out among the best dishes you can taste in the islands gourmet restaurants.

Please scroll down for complete list of recommended dishes.


  • Daily cooking service 8 am – 4 pm Monday to Saturday : $20 USD

* Groceries are not included


Our Kitchen

How does the food work? 

Guests can confirm the cook at least 1 week prior to their arrival:

  • The house has a list of dishes that the cook best prepares, nevertheless the cook can prepare other type of food.
  • If the guest requires, the house has the list of ingredients needed for each dish which can be sent to the guests email.

Where to buy the groceries ?

  • We have several supermarkets that provide delivery service between 3 – 6 pm on the check in day if we send the list of ingredients at least 48 prior to delivery
  • The supermarket accepts mayor credit cards like VISA & MasterCard or cash ( COP).
  • In case the guest chooses to go to the supermarket to select the ingredients by themselves, the 3 best supermarkets on the island are:

Super Todo

El Punto